Women Entrepreneurs In India


In India, women entrepreneurship got noticable attention only after the 1970s with the introduction of the Women‟s Decade (1975 to 1985). Even then, the impetus of this was particularly visible only in the metropolitan and state capitals in India. It took a much longer time to percolate to the other cities and municipalities. Hence researches and publications in India in this new area are limited.

The little that is available, is the pioneering work done by certain organizations and institutions engaged in the promotion of 'women's-entrepreneurship' in the form of occasional studies leading to publication of an article now and then. However through the last three decades, the stories of successful women entrepreurs in India, are in themselves, a testimony and a documentation of the sheer will and grit with which these women-heroes paved an entrepreneurial path for the other women to follow.

The rise of digital media gave wings to the women's-entrepreneurship initiatives and endeavours, making it easy for women to access information, network and update themselves.

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