About Us

Our Vision

"The vision of WEII ( Wome Entrepreurs in India), is to inspire, encourage, motivate and enable women entrepreneurs in India to craft success stories for themselves, and in turn inspiring those aspiring to become entrepreneurs."

WEII (Women Entrepreneurs in India), have a vision which intends to make the women entrepreneurs of India scale new heights of achievement and excellence by acknowledging, accepting, adhering to the fact that success can be attained by endeavouring on one'spotential with the geatest self-belief, conviction and confidence.

Our vision unites all WEII members with a common chord, which runs through us like an invisible chord, knitting us together, lighting our paths on the journey of entrepreurship and serving as a steady reminder that we , the women women entrepreurs in India, are a very special and precious lot.

United by one vision, and connected by a siimilar hunger to succeed and leave the society the better for our entrepreneurial contributions.

Our Mission

"The mission of WEII (Women Entrepreneurs in India), is to create a place where the women entrepreneurs of India proudly feature their businesses. WEII will provide a network which will engage not only on the digital dimension, but will effectively result in tangible, real-time enahnced business for WEII members. We will do so, providing exposure, initiating engagement with various supporting bodies, organiseing events, meet-ups, trainings, seminars, as well as gestures to honour women entrepreneurs who have excelled in their chosen domains.

The members of WEII (Women Entrepreneurs in India) will be instrumental is enhancing the mission of WEII. For the mission is a path and journey we will take upon, to fulfill our vision. Our experiences, our challenges and our efforts to resolve and overcome them, will keep redefining our means to travel towards excellence. For, there is no subsitute to excellence. Entrepreneurial excellence is but a light house which towers tall above all else and beckons "Look at me!". It truly is what will attract unfathomable success.

Our Values

"WEII (Women Entrepreneurs in India) celebrates the EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, PARTNERSHIP, RESILIENCE, RESPECT, GENEROSITY & POSITIVITY, as values which will constitute the fabric and foundation of our entrepreneurial endeavour. We will make these values the cornerstones of our businesses, for they will ensure dignity, esteem and honour play a vital role in attracting exponential business to us."

Values are truly the lamps that mark the path we must trod upon. They decide the colour of the money we earn. They decide how good we feel about what we do. Without values, any entrepreneurial venture is susceptible to corrosion in all dimensions. The presence of the right values equips us with the fortitude to make the right decisions at every step of our entrepreneurial journey. Values are inportant. Very.



  • Address: Prime Web Media, B-14/7,Lane No.7, Meera Nagar Garden Society, Koregaon Park, PUNE, Maharashtra, INDIA – 411 001
  • Email: contact@weii.in
  • Website: www.weii.in
  • Contact: 9527220000

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