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WEII is proud to celebrate the lives of these Women Entrepreneurs of India

Welcome to 'Women Entrepreneurs in India'.

Created to support, share, motivate and celebrate the entrepreneurial aspects of the Indian Woman. Come, belong!

Are you a successful entrepreneur?

Are you an established women entrepreneur from India? Let us celebrate your success story at 'WEII'. We all need heroes, and those who have paved the path and set examples for other women to follow deserve to be rightly applauded. Inspire, motivate, encourage. We are waiting to hear from you, connect with us right away! Every story matters, every successful woman raises the bar for others.

Considering to Start-Up?

Are you dreaming of setting up your own start-up? Looking for mentors with exeprience to guide you? This is a great time in India to launch your business. Talk to us today to understand all what is required to become a successful entrepreneur. We would love to see you unfold your wings and wing your way to a new sky, where you will discover your hidden potential and maximise your talents.

'Make in India' & 'Start-Up India'

Whats the buzz about 'Make in India' & 'Start-Up India'? What are the initiatives by our central and your state governments to encourage the women entrepreneurs of India? There are many schemes to motivate and empower women in their entrepreneurial aspirations. Are you well-informed about these programs by our government? Register yourself with our 'First-Step' initiative to understand what it is all about?

The Support - Give & Receive

Here is where you will meet other successful women entrepreneurs from India, as well as soon-to-be-entrepreneurs who are driven by dreams. You will meet mentors, motivators, those who inspire and share. An entrepreneurs journey is always uplifted by the company of those who share the path. Those ahead create a trail for us, those behind look up to us. Join us to support and seek support. Support matters. Immensly.


Mentorship and guidance from the right domain experts, at the right time, is crucial to the success of a start-up or for an established business to scale to new heights. There are successful women-entrepreneurs who will willingly share tips and guide you in your entrenpreneurial journey. Register with WEII to connnect with mentors who will understand your vision! We look forward to celebrating your successes!

Strength in Unity

Why is there a need for a strong didgital platform to connect women entrepreneurs in India? Digital empowers, and translated from online connect to real-time success. We at WEII, will refer and recommend each other, help each other to excel, achieve and develop into very successful entrepreneurs who will be role-models for those who are aspiring to set on a similar journey. Numbers matter. We are a wave.

WEII welcomes these new 'women-entrepreneur' members.

Women Entrepreneurs In India


In India, women entrepreneurship got noticable attention only after the 1970s with the introduction of the Women‟s Decade (1975 to 1985). Even then, the impetus of this was particularly visible only in the metropolitan and state capitals in India. It took a much longer time to percolate to the other cities and municipalities. Hence researches and publications in India in this new area are limited.

The little that is available, is the pioneering work done by certain organizations and institutions engaged in the promotion of 'women's-entrepreneurship' in the form of occasional studies leading to publication of an article now and then. However through the last three decades, the stories of successful women entrepreurs in India, are in themselves, a testimony and a documentation of the sheer will and grit with which these women-heroes paved an entrepreneurial path for the other women to follow.

The rise of digital media gave wings to the women's-entrepreneurship initiatives and endeavours, making it easy for women to access information, network and update themselves.

Award Winning Entrepreneurs

Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Quotes

You women entrepreneurs out there, blaze new paths and don’t allow yourself to be restricted by outdated traditions.
- Lisa Srao, I Brands Beverages

Every story, each poem that a person shares, each voice that speaks against menstrual taboo, inspires me.
- Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia

I don’t know how to give up. That is an integral part of who I am.
- Arpita Ganesh, ButterCups

Never sell yourself to a notion.Never sell yourself to a relationship. You have to be true to yourself.
- Abhijita Kulshreshtha, GemStoneUniverse

Don't ever let somebody to tell you, you can't do something
- Vedika Goel, With You


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